Infasta excels in providing high quality and result oriented Digital Marketing tools based service promotions to create maximum customer reach for the effective branding of the product or service. Our services cluster includes efficient tools like- Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), PPC advertising, Affiliate marketing, and much more.


Taking the perfect stride towards customised solutions in the field of Digital Marketing, we are already walking ahead of the rest of the service providers. We have a true understanding of the online world and the latest trends. Our team is well excelled and expert at this field and always ready to deliver the best results. This makes us custom ready to accept and make changes as per the market changes for the betterment of your business. We never opt for blindly headed judgements but do a full analysis for better understanding the requirements before implementing any of the tools. Creating the right appeal to the audience is the essence of our perfectly crafted digital marketing and we are an expert at this. With our custom created services and unique content, we tend to fulfil the same in the most result-oriented way.

Digital Marketing Services


search engine optimization

Our SEO tools work well with various search engines to provide the highest rankings on the various platforms. Our excelled tools are the right helping aids to create the web pages with both on page and off page optimization. This leads to higher crowd visibility and thereby attracts more traffic for page visits.

search engine Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tends to focus exclusively on the visibility part of a brand or page. With our expert hands-on experience in this field, we always work on raising the website visibility during the various online search patterns on different search engine platforms.

Our SEM technique includes-
  • SERP (Search Engine Result Page)
  • PPC(Pay Per Click)

As an extended version of the SEM techniques, the PPC or pay per click methodology is extensively being used around the online world. As a digital online marketing campaigning method, this technique is 100% result oriented method. Our excellent staff takes honour in defining and designing various PPC based marketing techniques that earns payments for entire advertising being published on your website. Similar to this, we create brand banners for your website advertising on various social media platforms, for higher traffic generation through the Pay per click ads on these popular websites like- Facebook and Google.


Our App Store Optimization methods are effectively far beyond the other competitors in the cloud. Our experts optimise the various mobile apps relating to your business for higher visibility during the app store searches. This automatically improves your ratings and rankings in comparison to your competitors and in turn drive higher downloads for your app.

Web Analytics

As a true web analytic, we take care of all the internet data related collection, analysis, updating, report generation and other related activities for web page optimisation and higher understanding. We evaluate the data with the help of this tool to improve the web page effectiveness and gain full control in the digital marketing field for your brand.


Our Social Media Optimization tools use the techniques like- RSS feed, various social network media sites, social media news, video and blog based websites. By associating your brand to any of these already existing sites, we tend to create the awareness of your brand or business to the maximum audience. This will automatically help in generation of higher traffic to your native website.


Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the method we have been using to maintain your high- class business reputation, online. In a business, reputation means everything and thus, this technique simplifies the work and acts as a true support in the digital marketing field. Here our experts keep a record of the online responses being received about your business, product or service, online. Collection and analysis of both the positive and negative feedback automatically helps us evaluate the response and reputation of the firm in order to work for its betterment.

Affiliate Marketing

As a part of engaging higher number of visitors, we use the Affiliate marketing technique to invite maximum people to your website and reward each affiliates for bringing in a visitor or maybe a prospective customer. Here we mainly focus on three main components to invite new prospects- the advertiser, promoter or the existing customer itself.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating the most appealing and attractive content that exhibits creativity and innovation, while sharing a piece of information. This makes a major driver in the online business, thus, we have a set of excelled content writers and creators who excel in this sector and create some of the high quality impressive content, for online support.


web properties

  • website
  • mobile site
  • blog site
  • social media channel


  • pay per click
  • display ads
  • retargeting
  • paid influencers
  • paid content promo
  • social media ads

"They are on hand to take care of all my coding needs enabling me to flex my team as capacity requires it."

Simon, Chocolate Lime , UK

"Infasta provide such great services, we never experienced in our last 6 years working with different companies."

Fernando Campoi & Rodrigo Dovighi, Alem da Ideia

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Yorkali Walters, The Imajination

"Infasta provide such great services, we never experienced in our last 6 years working with different companies."

Fernando Campoi & Rodrigo Dovighi, Alem da Ideia

"We have been utilizing the services of Infasta for several assignments now and find the degree of the service and the quality of the work of a superior nature and deliveries prompt."

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