With growing demand for highly efficient systems and processes, every facet of different industries is changing dynamically. Manufacturing industry has also gone a sea-change to keep upbeat with the changing market scenario. It is ‘mind over machine’ however, with a twist of keeping the mind running at the pace of the machine.

Having said this, Infasta Soft Solutions has developed an absolutely groundbreaking and innovative tool to deal with complexities meted at plants and with machinery- LUBE APP. This tool is designed exclusively for the use of manufacturing plants and industries that deal with heavy machinery and run at high operating costs. LUBE APP is the brainchild of dedicated Infastians who believe in the providing excellent results with high turnaround.

Some of the key highlights of the app are-

  • Helps to lower operating costs.
  • Increases equipment uptime.
  • Drives up costs by eliminating the single most detrimentalindustrial equipment failure- improper and lack of lubrication.
  • Schedules timely lubrication routines.
  • Streamlines maintenance departments’ daily lubrication activities.
  • High capabilities that are not found even in complex spreadsheets or CMMS systems.
  • Lube App manages every detail of the plant and machinery with seamless integration.
  • Reduces wastage with less human intervention.
  • Record lube application routines daily with extremely accurate reports and processes.

Some frequently asked questions are solved with simple solutions provided by Infasta. Few of the most overbearing problems such as –

  • What is the total cost of lubrication per day of cement production?
  • Is there a tool in the market that measures this efficiency with accuracy?
  • Is there a lube consumption report generated for every section and department in a segregated manner?
  • Does the company still need to rely on legacy systems?
  • How does it help in the long run?

These questions are resolved with ease by the dedicated team at Infasta in the following ways-

  • It helps to generate section-wise and department-wise report of lubrication required, utilized and inventory.
  • Manages lubricant consumption seamlessly.
  • Provides predictive analysis of machine repair and maintenance.
  • Saves raw material cost in inventory.
  • Helps to create daily call sheets that are error-free, without human intervention of any sort.
  • Helps in allocation of work in a structured manner that enables engineer to applicator to know and understand their responsibilities well.
  • Sends timely waste lubricant reports and returns waste lubricants to CLC.
  • Filter non-usable lubricants to the waste management team and update inventory records diligently.

Some stunning industry statistics with respect to lubrication of machinery and plants-

  • U.S. sees an annual wastage of lubricants that amount to more than 240 million dollars.
  • Over 60% of most mechanical failures are caused by poor maintenance of machinery and lack of lubrication.
  • A study by MIT USA suggests that approx. $240 million is lost annually because of downtime and repair.
  • This leads to high cost of application and increased overhead costs.
  • Causes tremendous damage to the machine equipment due to poor lubrication.
  • Lack of consistent data due to hindrances seen in report generation.

These facts highlighted the creation of highly dependable data driven application that enables engineers to applicators to have complete control over their systems. It reduces paper usage because of highly efficient application system.

Get thorough details about your lubrication schedule, wastage and inventory at the click of a button with LUBE APP. It’s time to get ahead of time and shed the traditional lubrication systems behind. A high level app that is continuously upgraded to meet customer satisfaction levels and not leave anything to memory!